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The CSDC has strong capacity to facilitate collaborative partnerships with other research centers, research groups, researchers, clinicians, community representatives, policy makers, and others to promote social intervention research. Our capacity includes developing partnered research processes in training, consultation, methodology development and dissemination that offer the potential to generate better-informed research hypotheses, develop more effective social interventions, and enhance the translation of the research results for both policy and practice.

The Reidsville Area FoundationDavid Ansong and Kirsten Kainz are working with the Reidsville Area Foundation (RAF) to foster a long-term, mutually beneficial research partnership to design, evaluate, and spread effective youth, family, and community development activities. RAF is guided by a vision of a thriving Rockingham County, with opportunities for all residents to live healthy, productive lives. Their mission is to invest in initiatives and programs that are designed to improve the education, health, and quality of life of the citizens of Rockingham County. Their values inform the day-to-day operations, grantmaking, and recruitment of new board and staff members. For more information about the RAF see:

If you are interested in a partnership, contact Professor Din Chen.